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You may not willing to buy movie & music from the iTunes store, so here we provide you some websites that can download movie & music for iPod.

iMoviesClub - iPod Movies Download Site Review

The portable media player, iPod designed and marketed by Apple premiered in October 2001.Ipod is amongst the world’s hottest portable digital music players, exceeding 15 million sold since they were introduced. The popularity in the iPod is worldwide and permeates various socioeconomic strata. Since September of 2006, ipod and iphone lineup included fifth generation video-capable machines.

Some iPods have storage capacities up to 80G, and as such can take full-length movies, videos, and television shows. With the introduction of iTunes 7, Apple’s own free software, purchased digital media including audio, video-including full-length movies, broadcast tv is available and transferred to ipod. The iTune has convenience capabilities and interface, including features such as ‘search and discover”. These movies range in price from $9.99 upwards. Other cheaper movie download sites exist and may even be cheaper.

A few of the other various outfits with sites that claim to possess free downloads of movies as well as other digital media exist. You ought to be careful when downloading on the market free services due to risk of downloading viruses and spyware into your personal computer. This might then compromise your individual information that is held in your laptop. In other words, services may be free, however you might run potential risk of suffering spyware.

Typically the most popular sites for downloading movies are classified as the membership sites. During these sites, you can download your selected movies along with digital media if you are paying a 1-time membership fee. Other activities to consider regarding internet sites include convenience, service terms such as the fine prints, movie inventory list, search features, customer and tech support team. The extra advantage is always that together with movies, many of these sites also provide games, photos, videos, and music designed for download at no expense.

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iMesh - iPod Music Download Site Review

iMesh features 15 million songs that you may download and sync to your iPod for free. The software is sanctioned by the Recording Industry Association of America, meaning that no copyright laws are being infringed by using this service. Note that you must first install iMesh on your PC and, after a certain period of time, you will be asked to pay a monthly fee and subscribe. You will still be able to use iMesh if you choose not to subscribe, but the software will automatically limit the songs you may access.

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